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Joel Schlessinger MD discusses Botulinum toxin options and what that means for your dermatology practice.

Beyond the Science: Botulinum Toxins in the Practice Setting - Practical Dermatology
In his analysis, “Beyond the Science: Botulinum Toxins in the Practice Setting,” Joel Schlessinger compares and contrasts:

  • Dysport (abobotulinumtoxin A, Medicis)
  • Botox (onabotulinumtoxin A, Allergan)

For years, Botox has served as the premiere botulinum toxin of choice and it is now one of the most recognizable cosmetic procedures available today. Because of this, many people would select this procedure; however, as the market leader, it comes under criticism – and, for those people, Dysport is an option to consider.

“I have observed that many patients,” Joel Schlessinger writes, “who are resistant to the idea of such a procedure and would likely never receive a Botox injection are surprisingly open to hearing about Dysport.”

The doctor is not suggesting that Dysport is superior to Botox, but he does believe it’s an important alternative to consider.

A certain percentage of patients see better results with Dysport, especially if they have larger treatment areas or if they need longer results.  Dysport can also be an excellent choice for younger patients in need of a smoother look.

Be sure to read the entire article, as it contains significantly more information about the two options. The article was adapted from material that was presented at the Cosmetic Surgery Forum 2009. The Cosmetic Surgery Forum is a “multi-specialty educational symposium that covers the latest research, treatment and techniques in dermatology and cosmetic surgery.”

Joel Schlessinger MD also offers insight into touch-ups and follow-ups of cosmetic procedures.

In “Ask an Expert: On Touch-Ups and Follow-Ups,” the doctor provides guidelines on when he might provide a touch-up treatment and how he handles follow-up visits after a cosmetic procedure.

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