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Joel Schlessinger MD shares the basics of dispensing products from your dermatology office with Practical Dermatology

Understanding the Basics of Office Dispensing
If you’re looking to sell products from your dermatology office, you’ll find plenty of practical advice and real life examples in “Understanding the Basics of Office Dispensing.”

The article describes strategies to use – and strategies NOT to use – when exploring product dispensing so you can ensure that each patient gets products that are right for him or her.

Step #1: get full-sized products for staff to try

Everyone in the office of Joel Schlessinger MD tried the products that he was considering for office sales. The doctor recommends that you do the same so that, when you sell a certain product, the people selling it have enthusiasm for and knowledge about that product.

Step #2: make sure you have secure, climate-controlled storage space

You’ll also want to create inventory control procedures. The doctor suggests that, if employees can try a product for free, you carefully account for which products were selected, for accurate inventory control.

Significantly more practical tips can be found in the article online.

Read a follow-up article by Joel Schlessinger MD.

The doctor wrote a follow-up piece, titled “Tips to Fine-Tune In-Office Sales,” in which he discusses:

  • product selection
  • tax collection
  • choosing a company
  • mechanics of the sale
  • fine-tuning the retail process

The doctor’s retail plan was so successful that, in 2010, he opened a $6 million, 20-square-foot retail store. There, he sells a wide range of cosmeceuticals, which are cosmetics with potential medical benefits.

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