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Practical Dermatology interviews Joel Schlessinger MD for tips on fine-tuning product sales in the office.

Understanding the Basics of Office Dispensing
In the article titled “Tips to Fine-Tune In-Office Sales,” the doctor explains how to choose the right products to sell in your dermatology office. One of the most important considerations is your patient demographic.

Are most of your patients older? If so, then your product line should focus on dry skin solutions and wrinkle treatments. Are most of your patients younger? Then acne remedies and treatments for keratosis pilaris should be key. Because the doctor’s practice serves multiple demographics, when Joel Schlessinger MD began selling retail products from his office, he started out with products for wrinkles and acne.

One of the products that the doctor has always offered is a one pound jar of moisturizer, priced very competitively. Although he makes only a small amount of profit on this product, it ensures that he can fulfill the needs of patients who need such a product.

Other retail tips by Joel Schlessinger MD:

Don’t offer a patient too many product choices, because this can get confusing. Suggest one – or perhaps two – that are perfect for that patient’s condition and needs.

The Practical Dermatology article also includes tips on making tax calculation faster and easier; suggestions on how to choose which companies to select as vendors; and which types of companies to avoid.

For even more information about retail sales in an in-office setting, also read “Understanding the Basics of Office Dispensing.”

In 2010, Joel Schlessinger MD opened up a retail store that sells 7,000 skin care/cosmeceutical products from 170 brands, taking his retail strategy to a new level of success.

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