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Joel Schlessinger MD talks about the importance of having a choice of Botulinum toxins – which is important for patients and physicians.

Botulinum Toxins: Getting Acquainted - Practical Dermatology
For many years, Botox (onabotulinum toxin A, Allergan) has been the only choice, but now Dysport (abobotulinum toxin A, Medicis) is also available. Because Dysport is newer, patients often want to know if it is better, worse — or the same — as Botox. In his article, “Botulinum Toxins: Getting Acquainted,” the doctor discusses the opportunities presented by having options.

In his office, Joel Schlessinger MD shares information about both options to patients, whether or not he or she has already had Botox treatments.

Sometimes a patient wants to stay with what he or she has used in the past. Other times, a patient is ready to try something new. It’s important that the staff at your dermatology office is prepared to talk about all options, including any discounts or incentives available. This allows patients to know about alternative treatments and any potential cost savings.

As far as dosages and techniques, the dilution of Dysport can be somewhat controversial. See the article for specifics, along with how the doctor solves the issue in his practice. On a related topic, he uses a slightly tighter injection pattern with Dysport than Botox, but he does not use the exact same injection pattern on any two people. The article also describes factors he takes into account when creating a pattern.

In the article, you can find expert tips specifically targeted for injections for:

  • Crow’s feet
  • Forehead
  • Brows and lips

The doctor also wrote another article on the subject, titled “Beyond the Science: Botulinum Toxins in the Practice Setting.” This article compares and contrasts the Botox and Dysport from another perspective. Additional information can be found on the site. Here, information is provided about Joel Schlessinger MD and the largest ongoing clinical trial of Dysport, which he has overseen.

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