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Learn tips & tricks on Botox injections and cosmetic fillers from Joel Schlessinger MD

In the recent article “Fillers: Tips and Tools for Beginning and Honing Your Practice,” Joel Schlessinger MD gives several tips on how to enter into the lucrative field of cosmetic fillers.

When starting a cosmetic practice, Joel Schlessinger MD suggests one of the first low cost entry points should be wrinkle filler treatments. Botox injections cost significantly less than adding a laser or other machines to your practice.

“Additionally, the desire for fillers is ubiquitous, making their use more attractive,” said Joel Schlessinger MD.

When beginning to use cosmetic fillers, it is recommended to begin with well-established wrinkle filler injections such as Juvederm and Restylane because they have long safety data and they have an antidote in case a mistake is made.

Once you have added cosmetic fillers to your practice, it is important to continue your education on Botox fillers to make sure you have the most advanced and up-to-date knowledge on this cosmetic procedure. Some of Joel Schlessinger MD’s tips include:

  • Gain considerable experience before treating the under eye area
  • Always record what you recommend in your charts
  • Place the wrinkle filler deep to avoid the Tyndall effect
  • Don’t use ice – pressure is the best way to avoid a bruise

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What tips do you use when administering cosmetic fillers?

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