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Learn how to care for animal bites with this advice from Joel Schlessinger MD

Learn how to care for animal bites with this advice from Joel Schlessinger MDAnimal bites, a majority of which go unreported, occur frequently in the United States. Dog bites and cat bites account for the majority of animal bites encountered in emergency rooms. An estimated 5 million dog bites occur per year with over 800,000 requiring medical attention. Dr. Joel Schlessinger sheds light on these often dangerous wounds in an article published on

Dog bites are typically crushing-type injuries due to round teeth and strong jaws. They exert extreme pressure that can damage bones, vessels, muscle, nerves and tendons. Cat bites usually cause puncture wounds due to their sharp teeth. These wounds to infection since the bacteria may reach into deeper tissue.

Approximately 20 – 35 people are killed due to animal bites, and most of these are due to infection. If you are every bitten by an animal, it is best to take precaution and visit your local emergency room, says Joel Schlessinger MD.

Dr. Joel Schlessinger recommends taking immediate measures if you are bitten by an animal. It is best to rinse the wound if possible and cover with a sterile bandage. Seek medical attention immediately.

Medication may be administered if the bite is serious, however much infection can be avoided if the wound receives proper care. Medicinal therapy may be administered, however, if the wound poses a high-risk, such as a cat bite that is a true puncture, bites to the hands, serious crush injuries, late presentation or poor general health.

Human bites are a different story – learn how to treat a human bite here.

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