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Joel Schlessinger MD’s study on double chins to be released soon

Joel Schlessinger MD's study on double chins to be released soonJoel Schlessinger MD recently closed research on a study about the effectiveness and safety of treating double chins. While his findings are waiting to be published, news about other injectable drugs for treating the double chin have recently come to light.

Study on the treatment of double chins with ATX-101 reports a decrease in double chin size.

Two recent late-stage studies on the effectiveness of ATX-101, an injectable drug, showed that use of this injection helped reduce submental fat deposits, more commonly known as a double chin. According to findings released at a medical conference in Paris, the placebo-controlled Phase III studies showed the drug effectively led to a significant improvement in the measurements of submental fat deposits. Study participants reported that they noticed a decrease in appearance of double chins.

ATX-101 is a propriety drug manufactured by California-based Kythera Biopharmaceuticals. This synthetic form of sodium deoxycholate disrupts the protein interactions for some liposome and membrane protein isolation, leading to the dissolve of fat deposits.

What causes a double chin? Joel Schlessinger MD explains.

Submental fat deposits are common in people who are elderly or obese. A layer of subcutaneous fat sags around the chin and neck area, often creating a wrinkle that makes the person appear as though they have a second chin. A person of healthy weight may also develop a double chin depending on his or her bone structure and skin elasticity.

Many procedures can be done to help minimize the appearance of a double chin, including surgery, but this injectable method is both safe and effective. For more information about treatment for a double chin, contact Joel Schlessinger MD here.

Joel Schlessinger MD administers double-chin study to be published soon.

Joel Schlessinger MD recently completed a study on the treatment and efficacy of drugs to minimize the appearance of double chins. His research will be published in the coming months in an esteemed cosmetic surgery journal.

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