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Joel Schlessinger MD uses unique Clay-Peel masque to aid common skin conditions

Joel Schlessinger MD uses a unique cosmeceutical procedure to jump start treatment in patients who have melasma, acne and photodamaged skin. He wrote the article “Jumpstarting Treatment“, featured in The Dermatologist, where he discusses the Clay-Peel masque for better results.

The Clay-Peel masque uses amino fruit acids (AFAs) to help prepare the skin for other treatments. AFAs are the main active ingredients in the mask that work to dissolve dead skin cells and provide a clean, clear complexion, making an ideal canvas for skin treatments.

“Typically, my patients undergo treatment every 2 to 3 weeks for a series of six peels,” said Joel Schlessinger MD. “When considering the cost of this treatment regimen, it’s comparable to microdermabrasion or light peel procedures and much less expensive than laser treatments.”

The article discusses the history of the Clay-Peel masque, the results expected from the treatment and the steps for application and removal.

Joel Schlessinger MD says that this treatment is an effective adjunct to therapy.

“This is new technology that can rapidly, completely and safely reduce photodamage while reducing visible signs of aging and restoring a healthy tone and texture to the skin.”

For more information about the Clay-Peel masque, contact the LovelySkin Spa.

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