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Joel Schlessinger MD focuses on education as Chief Editor, Cosmetic Surgery for Practical Dermatology

Joel Schlessinger MD focuses on education as Chief Editor, Cosmetic Surgery for Practical Dermatology

As Chief Editor of Cosmetic Surgery, Joel Schlessinger MD is dedicated to providing education for practices.

Since its inception, Joel Schlessinger MD has contributed his knowledge and expertise to Practical Dermatology, a premiere publication that provides coverage of major cosmetic advancements and practice management for dermatology. In his article “Toward Innovation and Collaboration,” Joel Schlessinger MD discusses how he will continue to strive for excellence as Chief Editor of Cosmetic Surgery for the publication.

“My goals as editor will be to inform the readership fully about the fields of cosmetic dermatology, cosmetic surgery and cosmeceuticals,” he says. “This may take the form of editorials, videos, questions and answers or other means of communication.”

Education about management and development is one of the most important aspects for dermatology practices, explains Joel Schlessinger MD.

Working with Practical Dermatology has allowed Joel Schlessinger MD to see the growth of the cosmetic dermatology industry. According to him, education about practice management from publications such as Practical Dermatology is a major factor in the area’s growth.

“I have noted that the ongoing emphasis on practical practice development advice is focused on helping dermatologists across the spectrum of practice to succeed,” Joel Schlessinger MD says. “And I wish to help the publication continue to do so.”

Joel Schlessinger MD also notes the importance of education for residents and new dermatologists.

As chief editor, Joel Schlessinger MD is able to focus on providing education for residents through his writings as well as at his annual Cosmetic Surgery Forum.

“I intend to cultivate a new talent from practicing dermatologists, including recently graduated residents and new dermatologists, as these individuals are our future as a specialty,” Joel Schlessinger MD says.

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