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Joel Schlessinger MD evaluates safety, efficacy of clobetasol proprionate for dermatoses

Joel Schlessinger MD evaluates safety, efficacy of clobetasol proprionate for dermatosesJoel Schlessinger MD and colleagues administered a study evaluating the safety and efficacy of clobetasol proprionate for dermatoses in adults and adolescents. The study, “Clobetasol proprionate emulsion formulation foam 0.05%: review of phase II open-label and phase III randomized controlled trials in steroid-responsive dermatoses in adults and adolescents,” was published in the Journal of the  American Academy of Dermatology in September 2008.

Clobetasol proprionate is a topical steroid that is used to treat many skin disorders including psoriasis and eczema. In this study, Joel Schlessinger MD and colleagues used a clobetasol proprionate emulsion formuation foam 0.05% to treat steroid-responsive dermatoses in participants over the age of 6 with mild to severe atopic dermatitis.

In the study, participants received the study drug for 2 weeks and were then evaluated on the efficacy of the drug treating plaque thickness and scaling. Fifty-two patients participated in this study.

After two weeks, it was found that significantly more participants achieved success with the use of clobetasol proprionate emulsion formulation foam 0.05% than those participants that were given vehicle foam. Twenty-seven percent of participants aged 18 years and older saw an improvement in their dermatoses while 47% of participants between the ages of 6 and 12 saw improvement, yet 0% of participants aged between 12 and 18 years saw improvement.

This study only evaluated short-term use of the drug. It was concluded that clobetasol emulsion formuation for dermatoses is a safe and effective treatment for moderate-to-severe atopic dermatitis and mild-to-moderate psoriasis in patients 12 years and older.

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