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Joel Schlessinger MD evaluates safety and efficacy of ultrasound for body sculpting

Joel Schlessinger MD evaluates safety and efficacy of ultrasound for body sculptingJoel Schlessinger MD administered a study evaluating the safety and effectiveness of using ultrasound devices for treatment in noninvasive body sculpting. The article, “Randomized sham-controlled trial to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of a high-intensity focused ultrasound device for noninvasive body sculpting,” was published in the July 2011 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

High-intensity focused ultrasound provides a noninvasive body sculpting procedure for non-obese patients. This procedure is used to sculpt the abdomen and the flanks.

In this study, Joel Schlessinger MD studied patients with subcutaneous abdominal fat who met the screening criteria to receive a high-intensity ultrasound treatment.  Participants were treated three times each at energy levels of 47 J/cm, 59 J/cm or 0 J/cm (the sham control group) over a period of 12 weeks.

The results of Joel Schlessinger MD’s study show the effects of the high-intensity ultrasound device.

A significant difference was seen in the 59 J/cm treatment group compared to the sham control group, but not the 47 J/cm. Despite the lack of difference between the lower energy level and the control group, both energy treatment groups experienced positive results from the body sculpting procedure. It was concluded that treatment with the high-intensity focused ultrasound device was effective and generally well tolerated for noninvasive body sculpting.

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