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Joel Schlessinger MD discusses the lucrative cosmeceutical industry with top skin care innovators

Joel Schlessinger MD’s column in Practical Dermatology this month, entitled “Advances in Cosmeceuticals and Makeup – State of the Art from the Innovators,” discusses current and future developments in the booming industry of cosmeceuticals.

Cosmeceuticals are products that combine the healing and treating powers of pharmaceuticals with the beautifying qualities of cosmetics.

“Since the introduction of cosmeceuticals in the 1980s . . . this field has grown into a multibillion-dollar industry,” said Joel Schlessinger MD.

The industry has been the leading force behind many new prescription treatments like Retin-A and Latisse, as well as mineral makeup, brush-on sunscreen, tools, devices and at-home lasers.

In Joel Schlessinger MD’s article, he asked experts from NeoStrata, jane iredale and EltaMD about their views on the cosmeceutical industry. Read more about their feedback on cosmeceuticals here.

What’s your favorite cosmeceutical brand? 

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