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Joel Schlessinger MD discusses the link between medical and cosmetic in dermatology

Joel Schlessinger MD discusses the link between medical and cosmetic in dermatologyJoel Schlessinger MD recently wrote an article for Practical Dermatology titled “Medical Meets Cosmetic in Dermatology.” In this article, he explains the correlation between cosmetic and medical elements when practicing dermatology.

Recent graduates are looking to practice a mixture of cosmetic and general dermatology while existing practitioners are adapting new procedures into their practice that weren’t available a few years ago.

“This integration of medical and cosmetic enables dermatologists to have a varied and interesting life, full of different clinical opportunities,” said Joel Schlessinger MD.

How do you combine medical and cosmetic in your practice? Joel Schlessinger MD explains.

Effectively marketing both cosmetic and medical elements to your customers is essential for success, says Joel Schlessinger MD. In-office advertising often targets patients who are already interested in other procedures.

“Without any significant effort, brochures and ads in the waiting room can lead to a conversation with one of these patients or one of their family or friends, laying the groundwork for an eventual consultation.”

Joel Schlessinger MD also notes that patients may be interested in cosmetic procedures performed by a dermatologist without considering a plastic surgeon.

“In my practice, approximately 25 percent of new cosmetic patients initiate their visit for a standard medical service, yet ask about cosmetic services while being seen,” he said.

Joel Schlessinger MD shares how a strong medical background gives dermatologists an advantage.

Some patients may find comfort in a dermatologist’s medical background. This, Joel Schlessinger MD says, is a significant advantage when it comes to treating cosmetic patients.

“Dermatologists have some degree of comfort because they know how to navigate complicated medical and cosmetic concerns, what the ultimate expression of a disease can be, and whether a patient should or should not be treated with a cosmetic procedure or device.”

Does your practice combine cosmetic and medical dermatology? Share with us in the comments.

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