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Joel Schlessinger MD discusses the importance of ethics and safety in cosmetic dermatology

Joel Schlessinger MD discusses the importance of ethics and safety in cosmetic dermatology

In his recent article, “Ethics, Safety Remain the Cornerstones of Sound Cosmetic Interventions,” published in the February 2013 issue of Practical Dermatology, Joel Schlessinger MD shares his views on ethics and safety in cosmetic dermatology.

Practices should never sacrifice ethics in order to save money, says Joel Schlessinger MD.

In December, the FDA warned more than 350 cosmetic dermatology practices in the U.S. that they may have received and used unapproved medications, including Botox, from foreign or unlicensed suppliers. Joel Schlessinger MD says the practice of using unauthorized Botox in order to save money could be more common than previously thought, even among respected dermatologists.

“In addition to shining a harsh light on a very serious issue affecting our specialty, the FDA notice is also an implicit reminder to all of us about the importance of maintaining the highest ethical standard in the practice of cosmetic medicine,” he says.

Although only a few are responsible for this problem, their actions affect dermatology as a whole.

“While certainly only a handful of licensed clinicians are guilty of violating the ethical standards of medicine in the name of saving dollars, the damage to our specialty hits all dermatologists and could lead to consumer mistrust,” Joel Schlessinger MD says.

Dermatologists should compete on quality and experience, not price. Joel Schlessinger MD explains.

Low prices might attract customers, but medispas and non-core practitioners cannot compete with the quality and experience offered by an established dermatologist. Joel Schlessinger MD says the focus should be on these aspects, rather than cost.

“Despite how much we lower our prices, medispas will always have deals that we can’t compete with and a new Groupon offer for discounted Botox,” he says. “When it comes to maintaining safe and ethical practices, cosmetic dermatologists should retain hope that our knowledge and expertise will motivate those who seek the best in cosmetic treatment to pay a little extra for it.”

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