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Ask an Expert: Joel Schlessinger MD shares how he handles employee resignations

Joel Schlessinger MD was the featured expert in a column in the May 2011 issue of Practical Dermatology. The column, “Ask an Expert,” asked Joel Schlessinger MD questions on employee resignation and the typical two-week grace period after giving notice.

“Whether to keep the individual on board all depends on the person and the circumstances behind his or her departure,” said Joel Schlessinger MD.

He states that while some employees may give little or no notice about resignation, some may give their two weeks but use the time to “spread bad vibes.”

“I approach these employees on a case-by-case basis and encourage them to stay only if they feel they want to do so,” said Joel Schlessinger MD. “There are often situations where we have asked employees to leave before the end of the two weeks, but in general we attempt to have them serve the entire notice time period.”

What’s your policy on the two-week notice guideline?

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