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February, 2013

Dr. Joel Schlessinger shares his advice on touch-ups and follow-ups after a cosmetic procedure

In Dr. Joel Schlessinger’s article, “Ask an Expert: On Touch-Ups and Follow-Ups,” published in the April 2011 issue of Practical Dermatology, he discusses the best way to handle touch-ups after a cosmetic procedure. He also offers expert advice on how to keep patients satisfied when they don’t see amazing results. Touch-ups depend on personal preference, […]

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Dr. Joel Schlessinger discusses the importance of analyzing practice data

Dr. Joel Schlessinger recently wrote an article for Practical Dermatology titled “Going Digital: Marketing for the 21st Century.” In the article, he explains the importance of analyzing practice data and using the findings to improve marketing efforts. Creating a list of patients, procedures performed and generated income can help you determine where to focus your […]

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Joel Schlessinger MD’s study on double chins to be released soon

Joel Schlessinger MD recently closed research on a study about the effectiveness and safety of treating double chins. While his findings are waiting to be published, news about other injectable drugs for treating the double chin have recently come to light. Study on the treatment of double chins with ATX-101 reports a decrease in double […]

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