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July, 2012

Want to prolong your Botox results? A study by Joel Schlessinger MD shows great improvements with the use of a tretinoin/hydroquinone regimen.

Joel Schlessinger MD took part in a study published in the July 2011 Aesthetic Surgery Journal that evaluated the efficacy of a tretinoin/hydroquinone regimen along with users of Botox (botulinum toxin Type A) for improvement in facial skin and appearance. This study was performed by three different researchers, one of which was Joel Schlessinger MD. This […]

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Learn tips & tricks on Botox injections and cosmetic fillers from Joel Schlessinger MD

In the recent article “Fillers: Tips and Tools for Beginning and Honing Your Practice,” Joel Schlessinger MD gives several tips on how to enter into the lucrative field of cosmetic fillers. When starting a cosmetic practice, Joel Schlessinger MD suggests one of the first low cost entry points should be wrinkle filler treatments. Botox injections […]

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Joel Schlessinger MD researches long-term treatments for severe acne vulgaris

While several short-term treatment regimens for severe acne vulgaris have been tested, few long-term severe acne treatment regimens have been investigated. This clinical study was outlined in the article, “Short-term combination therapy and long-term relapse prevention in the treatment of severe acne vulgaris,” published in the February 2012 issue of the Journal of Drugs in […]

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Dr. Joel Schlessinger shares how to answer patient concerns about sunscreen safety

Sunscreen safety is always a concern, often expressed by many dermatology patients. Dr. Joel Schlessinger wrote an article in Practical Dermatology giving the best tips on how to respond to client questions and concerns. In this article, Addressing Patient Concerns about Sunscreen Safety, Dr. Joel Schlessinger discusses his patients that have questioned the safety of […]

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