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April, 2012

Joel Schlessinger MD shares strategies to help any dermatologist successfully implement cosmetic services into his or her practice.

During times of economic distress, it’s important for a dermatologist to expand available services, and cosmetic procedures offer an excellent alternative revenue source to more traditional dermatological services. In his article, “Cosmetic Dermatology: Ensuring Success at Any Level,” Joel Schlessinger advocates a team approach for building a solid, successful practice that includes cosmetic services. The […]

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Are you a dermatologist who is wondering how to get more male patients? Joel Schlessinger MD shares his successful strategies.

Joel Schlessinger offers insight into how to market to males, both in-office and externally, in a Practical Dermatology article, “Get Male Patients Through the Door: How to Market Cosmetic Products and Procedures.” The top three procedures requested by men are: chemical peeling nose reshaping laser hair removal Other procedures that appeal to many males include: […]

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Practical Dermatology interviews Joel Schlessinger MD for tips on fine-tuning product sales in the office.

In the article titled “Tips to Fine-Tune In-Office Sales,” the doctor explains how to choose the right products to sell in your dermatology office. One of the most important considerations is your patient demographic. Are most of your patients older? If so, then your product line should focus on dry skin solutions and wrinkle treatments. […]

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Joel Schlessinger MD shares the basics of dispensing products from your dermatology office with Practical Dermatology

If you’re looking to sell products from your dermatology office, you’ll find plenty of practical advice and real life examples in “Understanding the Basics of Office Dispensing.” The article describes strategies to use – and strategies NOT to use – when exploring product dispensing so you can ensure that each patient gets products that are […]

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The bibliography blog of Joel Schlessinger MD.

Dermatologist and board certified cosmetic surgeon Joel Schlessinger MD has had several published works in his career. This blog serves to summarize and archive these important writings as well as make them more accessible to a wider audience.

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